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This time we tried another BIG song after Oxium City's records! Also with by far the most remix parts in the song!
Sry for some mistakes and imperfect parts in the video due to ability casting bugs and we rly can't try more with such big song. almost 3h spent on this :x
Should be np in future album version :))

Happy Friday and weekend! Enjoy.

feat. Gara, Mirage

Mandachord (bass draft: Hopesosure)
Part 1: (recommend for mission)
(melody contributor: RikiPoncho [PS4])

Part 2: (bridge, bass remix)

Part 3: (recommend for mission)
(percussion can be same as part 4)

Part 4: (recommend for mission)
(melody Alpha without harmony tones)
(melody contributor: Zueskiee)

Part 5: (bridge, remix part and ending)

Part 6: (recommend for mission)(remix part)

As for Contribution of Mandachord song, you can sub them to us with:
1. Tweet me.
2. Direct link from youtube in commends.
3. All requests put in commends down below.
4. Ya can link me in game.
5. Email adderess with screenshot or video.
If your mandachord brings me good inspiration, i'd rly love to try to put it in new band song or even make one from it!!

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