Straight Outta The Orbiter (Warframe)

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This is the first time when I try to do something like this so I am sorry if it is not that good! I Do think that Ordis's voice kinda fits on a track so I made this. Hope you like it

Instrumental: Eminem - Without Me

#Warframe #Fortuna
Game: Warframe ♡

Some info about me(you don't need to read this):
Hi I'm Vinyxie and I make silly videos of stuff that I find "funny" in games(bugs,memes,funny moments).I know that not everybody is into my kind of videos, so if you like them anyway, you are welcome to stay, if you don't like them, I bid you farewell and hope you find what you are looking for! You can also find me on:

Have a great day!

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