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  • 00:56 Популярные Warframe - Wolves Inside Us All - Title Sequence

    Warframe - Wolves Inside Us All - Title Sequence

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    Warframe - Wolves Inside Us All Self-initiated project. Imagining Warframe as a criminal TV drama, creating a title sequence for an opening intro to the episode. AE + 3D + gameplay footage Music used: Mercury and the Architects - The Wolf http://freemusic

  • 00:11 Популярные Warframe Fan FUI Concept

    Warframe Fan FUI Concept

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    Warframe fan ui concept. Sound effects from the game. Music used: Still_05 by -ono- http://freemusicarchive.org/music/ono/still/ono_-_still_-_05_still_5

  • 02:39 Популярные Plexymind | 2016 Showreel v2 | Serge Khomutovskiy

    Plexymind | 2016 Showreel v2 | Serge Khomutovskiy

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    Fantasy User Interface design work done for The Flash (Season 2 and 3, Arrow (Season 4 and 5) and DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Season 1 and 2) plexymind.com Music: Twist Turn Slide by Psychadelik Pedestrian http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Psychadelik_Pedes

  • 01:04 Популярные Digital Extremes Indent Compilation

    Digital Extremes Indent Compilation

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    At Digital Extremes I made a number of logo indents. These were made to reflect the tone and aesthetic of the game. I was also responsible for a number of 'Death Movies' for Darkness 2. The player would see these when they died in game. For the concept an