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  • 00:59 MR21 Beyblade Returns!

    MR21 Beyblade Returns!

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    Again, now in MR21 test.

  • 00:26 Warframe 2019-01-24 22-31-44

    Warframe 2019-01-24 22-31-44

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  • 00:09 Warframe 2019-01-24 16-59-48

    Warframe 2019-01-24 16-59-48

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  • 00:30 WARFRAME-- The Dance of Jad Teran

    WARFRAME-- The Dance of Jad Teran

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    I was randomly looking through all my scanned enemies, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but... Jad Teran having a dance party all by himself-- even to the beat of the music. The guy's got some moves... lol

  • 00:17 Warframe MR17 Bug

    Warframe MR17 Bug

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    LUL, thanks DE

  • 01:44 [Warframe] Teshin would be so proud of me.

    [Warframe] Teshin would be so proud of me.

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    {insert persona joke here} blog: http://veterancommander.xyz

  • 00:32 Популярные Volt, Shock, and Water

    Volt, Shock, and Water

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    A demonstration of Volt's ability " Shock " Used in a body of water on Earth, it is known that the ability does not chain.

  • 00:30 (Warframe) White Room of Death

    (Warframe) White Room of Death

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    As you can see, Update 8 is very buggy. It is IMPOSSIBLE to finish any kind of missions in Warframe. No objectives, no enemies, no Lotus, nothing...

  • 00:33 [Warframe] [Bug] Account can't be updated after Void mission

    [Warframe] [Bug] Account can't be updated after Void mission

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