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  • 00:48 Популярные That Bucket Came From the Moon

    That Bucket Came From the Moon

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    August 21st, Bungie was called out by the makers of Warframe to the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was also called out by my friend Andy Hood. So, when it was time to craft Bungie’s response, I made sure to get involved to satisfy both call-outs after I dona

  • 05:14 Популярные Richard Lico Show Reel 2014

    Richard Lico Show Reel 2014

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    Richard Lico Animation Director: Polyarc Former Principal Animator: Bungie foofinu@yahoo.com Here's my latest animation show reel, including my latest work from Destiny. The majority of the animation is keyframe, but I'll clarify more in my breakdown list