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  • 04:18 Warframe- SPECTRE Clan Outer Terminus Wave 50

    Warframe- SPECTRE Clan Outer Terminus Wave 50

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    Here's a short video of me and my clan-mates from SPECTRE finishing wave 50 at Outer Terminus- Pluto. As You can see the enemies are at over 200th level and took A LOT of Hek shots to take down. Our setup was Volt, Frost, Banshee, Nyx. I completely forgot

  • 07:02 Популярные Warframe gameplay by ABYX

    Warframe gameplay by ABYX

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    Como no podía ser de otra forma, este mes os traemos un espectacular vídeo de Warframe, la nueva apuesta de Digital Extremes para Xbox One, donde apreciaréis algunos de los detalles del juego que hemos analizado en ABYX, la revista digital gratuita para X

  • 01:40 Warframe Reel

    Warframe Reel

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    A selection of audio work for Warframe. https://warframe.com http://store.steampowered.com/app/230410/

  • 01:53 Популярные Tim Sormin: Game Animation Reel

    Tim Sormin: Game Animation Reel

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    www.TimSormin.com TimSormin@gmail.com 00:05-00:29 - Keyframed player animation and co-designed ledging movement system for "Star Trek" (2013) at Digital Extremes 00:29-00:36 - Edited and enhanced motion-captured player animation for "Star Trek" (2013) at

  • 02:03 Популярные Character Animation Reel 2013

    Character Animation Reel 2013

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    This is my most current character animation Demo Reel for 2013, containing a sample with my professional work at Digital Extremes and work from Bubble Guppies.