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  • 03:18 Популярные Warframe - Phorid Speed Run

    Warframe - Phorid Speed Run

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    3 minute Phorid speed run with loki (speed build) In-game name: Montesboogie Music: Far Beyond the Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen *Excuse the video quality; I'm playing this game in wine on Arch linux*

  • 01:59 Популярные Warframe (8.3) - HOW 2 GO FAST

    Warframe (8.3) - HOW 2 GO FAST

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    i show u how i go fast if it helps u pls lik n subscrib kthx

  • 00:59 Популярные Warframe - Sobek vs Phorid Damage Test

    Warframe - Sobek vs Phorid Damage Test

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    Phorid has high HP and Defense. He lacks weakspots. He is not resistant to bullet or impact damage. This makes him suitable for testing. Two Rifle Amps (warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Rifle_Amp) were used. These increase the damage of all primary weapons by the