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  • 00:30 Популярные WARFRAME-- The Dance of Jad Teran

    WARFRAME-- The Dance of Jad Teran

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    I was randomly looking through all my scanned enemies, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but... Jad Teran having a dance party all by himself-- even to the beat of the music. The guy's got some moves... lol

  • 1:15:04 Популярные Warframe-Infested Whip, sculpting Timelaps

    Warframe-Infested Whip, sculpting Timelaps

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    This video show how I sculpted the Infested whip "Scoliac" in Zbrush. This video don't show all the process, sometime I just forgot to record what I was doing :S But it still give you an idea of how I work ;) I divided this video to show all the different