Warframe - Wisp lvl 100 build & Arbitration demo

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Wisp lvl 100 - one build for everything.
Features really good stats - damage resistance - stability.

The polarizations are the same to the previous builds, plus an extra one to make room for adaptation.

The range is really good concerning Wisp's mechanics.
To better understand this build's radius numbers let's compare:
3rd ability 28.8m (57.6*) - Old world on fire Ember 25m
Shock mote 24m - Shocking speed Volt** 5m
**(shock mote ability is c/p from shocking speed Volt)

One arcane energize is enough, I recommend vazarin or unairu for heavy missions (vazarin can heal npcs on defense missions).

When you cast 3rd, Wraith (will o wisp) casts it too.
To make better use, cast 2nd to the far side of the map and as it moves towards it, cast 3rd to a mote on the opposite side.
*3rd's range is doubled when is cast on a mote (28.8x2) - see opening moves on waves 27-28.
Finally, to cast 3rd on a mote you have to be out of its radius.

Next vid is going to be an indestructible Nekros build for farming Orb Vallis cores & Arbitration survivals, on solo or not.
Soon.. : )

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